McKay9 Dog Services

Getting Results Using Reward-Based Teaching Methods:

McKay9 Dog Training Services are specially designed to enrich your dog. Our premier dog training services offer flexible programs for every dog. The

training methods we use are designed using only reward-based techniques to ensure your dog has the most enjoyable learning experience. Our programs

are exciting, effective, and enrich canines of all ages and behavior levels.

Programmes Available

Boarding/In-Camp Programmes

McKay9 Dog Services offers several options for our canine training. Our trainers can work with your dog while they attend our boarding camp, spending one-on-one time with them focusing on obedience and/or agression & security work. We can also provide training services working with you and your dog in a private setting if that’s most comfortable for you. These sessions can help your dog overcome behavior issues or provide enrichment. 

Enrichment Programmes

Regardless of their age or behavior level, your dog’s health and happiness can be improved through enrichment activities. We provide numerous fun and engaging enrichment training programs that boast numerous benefits.

Our enrichment programs help:

  • Maintain your dog’s sharp mind and skills
  • Build a stronger bond between your dog and your family
  • Channel energy into appropriate tasks
  • Improve behavior in public spaces

Obedience Programmes

obedience classes are split into levels to help both you and your four-legged family member learn at a progressive pace. Our training methods will help ensure that your dog attains the level of obedience most pet parents only dream about.

The three levels of our obedience classes are:

  • Level I - Basic: Builds the foundation of reliable commands like sit, down, leave it, come when called, and leash walking.
  • Level II - Intermediate: Learn how to get your dog to heel by your side, go to their mat, and add distance plus distractions to all their behaviors.
  • Level III - Advanced: All of Level I and Level II training with further house and garden training/consultancy